Welcome to the VMware Academic Subscription Store, powered by Kivuto Solutions Inc.

It allows qualified faculty/staff of eligible academic departments to purchase their VMware Academic Subscription (VMAS) which offers software, teaching, and learning resources free to approved institutions in the VMware Academic program (VMAP) and the VMware IT Academy program (VITA).

Accepted applicants will receive a customizable Webstore to aid in the distribution of all resources and insure all users agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to downloading.

Please note that the pricing provided on this site is made available exclusively through an agreement between your academic institution and Kivuto Solutions Inc.


What resources are available for approved VMware Academic Program and VMware IT Academy members?

Software with 1-year licenses – popular software including: vSphere Enterprise Plus, vCenter, vCloud Director, vCloud Suite, Workstation, Fusion, etc. are available to both faculty and students.
Teaching resources – PPT slides aligning to the VMware Fundamental curriculum for Data Center, Cloud, Network and Desktop and Mobility plus the two popular vSphere v6 courses (IT Academies only): Install, Configure, Manage and Optimize and Scale.
Learning resources – optional eBooks and virtual labs for students to purchase directly at a nominal cost.
Certification resources – preparation materials and discount vouchers for the VCA and VCP6-DCV (IT Academies only) exams.

Who is eligible for a VMAP Subscription?

Qualifying academic departments within Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology.

Is my department already a member?

Please check our search page to see if your department is already a member.

How does my organization obtain access to IT Academy specific VMAS teaching and certification resources?

You must first register for the VMware IT Academy Program and be approved by VMware.

Can I apply on behalf of my department?

Full Time Faculty/Staff members of qualifying academic departments may apply.

Can I apply on behalf of my entire campus?

Yes, there is an Campus Subscription available which covers all qualifying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology departments within the same campus location of an institution. Please continue to the subscription store to learn more.

How do I pay for the subscription?

Online purchases are available by credit card, Paypal or P-card only.

Purchase Order requests should be sent to elms-fusion@kivuto.com (Please note that a $50 processing fee is charged for this purchase type)

How long will it take for my VMware Academic Subscription purchase to take affect?

If you are a new VMAS member you can expect to receive your Webstore in 3-5 business days. If you are an existing member you can continue to access your current Webstore.

How long will it take to obtain access to IT Academy specific VMAS teaching resources?

Please allow the VMware teams 2 to 3 weeks to review your VMware IT Academy Program registration request and notify Kivuto.