VMware IT Academy – 1 Year – Departmental – Purchase Order

VMware IT Academy – 1 Year – Departmental – Purchase Order
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Please note this subscription is only available to VMware IT Academy pre-approved members. If you have not yet been approved for the IT Academy program by VMware, you need to apply here. For all program benefits, restrictions and resources, see the VMware IT Academy Program Guide.

$300.00 USD

Online purchases are available by credit card or P-card only. Purchase orders should be sent to elms-fusion@kivuto.com, however, are subject to an additional $50.00 processing fee.

Please allow for 2-3 days processing time. New members will receive a notification from Kivuto when their VMware Academic Resources site has been created. Existing members will be contacted by an Kivuto representative upon renewal of their subscription.

VMware is the world’s leading provider of virtualization software and services. The VMware IT Academy (vITA) program allows educators to deliver authorized VMware training and certification courses through their departments while providing free access to the most popular VMware software.


  • For students – vITA gives students valuable experience in virtualization through certification courses, hands-on labs, eText references, discounted study material, free software, and more.
  • For teachers – vITA provides educators with teaching resources like PowerPoint presentations, lab setup guides, and both in-person and online training to help them teach about virtualization.
  • For both – Students and faculty at subscribed departments get steep discounts on VMware certification exams and free access to the most popular VMware software titles.

Courses and Certifications

  • Digital Business Transformation – This certification shows a basic familiarity with virtualization concepts, VMware products, and the technologies that support them.
  • Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals – This eLearning course focuses on VMware’s Data Center Virtualization products, the components of vSphere, and how these technologies can resolve common business and IT challenges.
  • Cloud Fundamentals – This eLearning course teaches the fundamentals of VMware’s cloud products and the business challenges those products are intended to solve.
  • Network Virtualization Fundamentals – This eLearning course teaches about virtual networking and the VMware NSX.
  • IT Solutions for Digital Businesses – 60-hour course. This course traces the emergence of virtualization and the journey to the modern virtual data center and digital workspaces. It introduces VMware solutions and includes a threaded case study.

Note: The selection of courses offered through vITA is changing soon. A new list of courses will be available August 2018.


  • VMware Fusion – Run Windows or Linux applications on your Mac.
  • VMware Workstation – Simultaneously run multiple operating systems on a single Linux or Windows PC. VMware Workstation Player is also included.
  • VMware vSphere – VMware’s suite of server virtualization products.
  • VMware vRealize – VMware’s suite of cloud management software.


vITA subscription benefits apply to all students and faculty at subscribed college/university departments. *

All departments must be vetted and approved for membership by VMware before purchasing a vITA WebStore. Complete the IT Academy application form to apply.

Check the Are you eligible? tab above to view full program eligibility requirements.

* Some high schools offering accredited technical education courses may also be eligible for membership.


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