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VMware offers two academic programs for educational institutions: Academic Software Licensing and the IT Academy.

Academic Software Licensing provides software licenses for teaching, research, and personal discovery. It cannot be used for campus infrastructure, non-academic purposes or any for-profit activity.

The IT Academy trains students with VMware-developed educational materials, providing VMware certification opportunities. The program is intended for students and career changers seeking IT positions, not to promote or deliver VMware courses to businesses to train their IT staff.


  • Accredited, degree-granting higher education institutions offering 2, 3 or 4 year programs worldwide (or equivalent)
  • Career or technical schools offering accredited degrees or certificates through in-person or distance education programs
  • Secondary education (ages 14-17)

Subscription Types

  • A Campus Subscription covers all faculty, staff members and students enrolled within the same physical campus location.
  • A Departmental Subscription covers all faculty, staff members and students enrolled within a single participating department.

Both campus and departmental can purchase 1 or 3 year subscription.

Subscription Pricing

Pricing on this site is exclusively available through an agreement between your academic institution and Kivuto Solutions.

Please check our search page to see if your academic institution is already a subscriber.

VMware Subscription Tiers

Product Version(s) Tier 1 (USD $100)
Available now!! – Secondary/High Schools Only
Tier 2 (USD $250)
Fusion 6, 7, 8 X X
Workstation Pro 10, 11, 12 X X
Workstation Player 12 X X
vCenter Server Standard 5, 6 X
vSphere Standard 6 X
vSphere Enterprise Plus 5, 6 X
vRealize Standard 7 X
vRealize Enterprise Plus 7 X
Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals (eText) X X
Workforce Mobility Fundamentals (eText) X X
Cloud Fundamentals (eText) X X
VMware eLearning X
Lab Install Rights X


For Academic Software Licensing or IT Academy program subscriptions, click on the button below.

Kivuto will notify applicants by email within five days. Accepted applicants will receive webstore information to distribute all resources.

Note: Before purchasing a subscription to the VMware IT Academy, your institution will need to apply and be approved by VMware. Review the IT Academy Program Guide for all program benefits, restrictions, and resources. Complete the appropriate IT Academy Application for your region. Americas, Asia Pacific and Japan or Europe, Middle East, and Africa. A response will be given in 3-5 days.


Subscription payment can be made by credit card, Paypal, or P-card. Purchase Order requests should be sent to elms-fusion@kivuto.com ($50 processing fee applies for this purchase type).